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Useful Info

Service Telephone Website
Westonzoyland Parish Council 01278 455742 www.westonzoylandparishcouncil.org.uk
Westonzoyland Cemeteries (Fees & Charges) Click here to download the Fees PDF
Westonzoyland Primary School 01278 691381 www.westonzoylandprimary.co.uk
Westonzoyland Pumping Station 01275 472385 www.wzlet.org
Westonzoyland Surgery 01278 691233 www.brenthousesurgery.co.uk/
Westonzoyland Allotment Gardeners  www.wzags.btck.co.uk
Zoyland Heritage Fund  www.zoylandheritage.co.uk
Westonzoyland Church  www.westonzoylandchurch.co.uk
Planning Applications – Sedgemoor Weekly List Click here to view details
Police Community Support Officer – Lora Bray  07889 655305 Click here to view Official Profile
Somerset County Council  0300 123 2224  A single number for all public services

Somerset Waste Partnership Information

Refuse: Kerbside services flyer – refuse

Recycling: Kerbside services flyer – recycling

Food Waste: Kerbside services flyer – food waste

Garden Waste: Kerbside services flyer – garden waste

Recycling Centres: Sedgemoor recycling centres

Bank Holidays: Changes to Bank Holiday collections for Recycling and Refuse