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Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan

Posted on 26th June, 2014 in News

Read the original letter here.


This is the Westonzoyland Parish Council response to your letter (above) of 14 April 2014.   This has been put together with the assistance and support of local residents and draws on the attached paper submitted as a key part of this response.

In terms of the specific questions 1. & 2. this is rather like asking turkeys to vote for Xmas but clearly there is a case to be made.   In our view funding of flood defence works should be catchment based rather than the current system which is inequitable.   We obviously support the Governments desire for an overarching plan to guide water and land management policies and essentially investment for the future.

In the 20 year plan we recognise that this seeks to deal with longer term issues at the strategic level to which the future funding regime and support of Government is vital but also at the local level.   It is the latter which has been the concentration of the Westonzoyland consideration.

Many village residents have expressed concern regarding flooding in and around the village over the last two winters.   Thus our primary concern is the village and in this context the use of the Sowy and King Sedgemoor Drain ‘to relieve pressure in the Rivers Parrett and Tone’ which seen as a key priority of the “20 year plan” has potential implications for the village as we have seen this year.   To this end we believe the temporary defences, in the vicinity of the Kings Drive estates and, notably protecting properties in Grays Avenue should be retained permanently.   These could certainly be made more attractive to the eye and lessen impact on the landscape.   Further investigation should also be undertaken to ensure the defences are positioned to achieve most beneficial protection.

In the paper we have highlighted further points about permanent pumps or facilities for them at Dunball and the lengths of dredging in the Parrett and likely similar needs in the Sowy and KSD.

We have received support from EA officials in considering our situation and have responded to requests for engagement in plans going forward.

Alan Hurford Clerk to Westonzoyland Parish Council