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Somerset Levels & Moors Situation

Posted on 5th January, 2016 in News

Somerset Levels & Moors situation update: as at 15.00 hours, Monday 4th January 2016 from Environment Agency Wessex Area (Bridgwater Office)

This briefing has been prepared in response to recent enquiries in order to provide local residents and partners with an update on the current situation and the forecast for the next few days.  We are not planning to release regular bulletins unless conditions in Somerset change significantly.

It is important to note that none of our key trigger points have been met and that local systems are managing the current and expected rainfall in the way we would expect for this time of year.

For more information on road closures, please contact the Highways Department at Somerset County Council.

Weather Forecast

We expect heavy showers across South-West England today (4 Jan) and tomorrow (5 Jan) bringing a LOW flood risk overall.

Rainfall totals for today are expected to be between 12-15mm (lower than rainfall experienced over the last few days) and much lower tomorrow (2-3mm).

With the improving forecast, river levels should continue to reduce, allowing for diversion channels and pumping stations to remove water from the moors. We would still expect to see some standing water in places, but this is normal for the time of year.

Rainfall summary over the last 24 hours:

  • West Somerset & Tone – 21mm
  • South Somerset – 22mm
  • North Somerset – 10mm

Summary of how River Catchments and areas are responding:

Upper Catchments

In general the recent rainfall has passed from the upper catchment to the mid catchment. Some of the rivers still have slightly higher than normal levels.


  • The river level at Donyatt has peaked and receded.
  • The river level at Midelney has peaked and is dropping slightly. There is still significant flow in the river but the bank is not quite full.


  • The Rivers Cam and Wriggle have recovered from recent rainfall.
  • The river level at Pen Mill has also peaked and recovered from rainfall.
  • The river level at Ilchester has only just peaked and the bank is now full.


  • The river level at Chiselborough has peaked and recovered from rainfall.
  • The peak has now passed Gawbridge but levels remain high.
  • The river level at Thorney Mill has also peaked but levels remain high.


  • The peak has now passed through Taunton and the river has recovered to
    normal levels.

Mid Catchment – Langport area

Levels remain high on the Yeo and Parrett with overtopping of banks into the nearby moors. We are currently unable to pump due to high rivers at Long Load, Huish Episcopi, Westover and Midelney.  The Langport to Muchelney road is currently flooded to a depth of approximately 80mm.

Please find below a summary of how full the moors currently are:

  • Hay Moor – 15% full
  • Kingsmoor – 10% full
  • West Moor – 13% full

Sowy / Parrett Flood Relief Channel

  • Monks Leaze Clyce is now partially open as levels are reducing at both Parrett spillways (Allermoor and Beasleys).
  • The Sowy and Kings Sedgemoor Drain are receiving overtopping from the River Parrett with overland flooding around Aller, Beer Wall and downstream of Beer Wall.
  • The A372 is open and the recent works to Beer Wall are working well passing water through both new culverts.

Lower Catchment – Burrowbridge area


  • The Hookbridge Spillway has stopped running and we are now pumping at Currymoor Pumping Station, as of this afternoon with all available permanent pumps and one of two 24” pumps recently returned from Cumbria/York.
  • Cutts Road is currently flooded to a depth of 250mm.
  • Currymoor is 37% full.


  • The West Sedgemoor Pumping Station is not pumping due to high river levels and local farm land is flooded. West Sedgemoor is 20% full.
  • Stanmoor, Saltmoor and Westonzoyland pumping stations are each pumping with one pump and holding levels in the drains.
  • North Moor Pumping Station has been running continuously with two pumps. Although there is currently no overland flooding, in anticipation of further rain, as of today we are now running all four pumps.

As started above, local systems are managing the current and expected rainfall in the way we would expect for this time of year.

For weather updates please keep an eye on local TV and radio.

Visit www.gov.uk/check-if-youre-at-risk-of-flooding to view the latest flood alerts and warnings in place or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.