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Get Set Grow, Get Set Cook

Posted on 21st March, 2016 in News


Click here to view/download the Sainsbury’s Food Donation Partnership Application Form



Morrisons Food Donations

CONTACT: Please contact your local Morrisons Community Champion in-store or by calling their store phone number.

The Morrisons Corporate Responsibility team may also be able to help with finding your nearest participating store and contact. They may be contacted on 0845 611 5370 or cr@morrisonsplc.co.uk

Morrisons are the first supermarket to commit to donating all of their usable waste food.
They are shifting their community championing work from supporting the larger national charity organisations and are instead focussing on more local organisations, projects and causes.
Very flexible, able to support multiple groups and pick ups.


Morrisons are currently looking for an organisation/s to collect their waste food for use locally in creating community benefit.
This collection should be in place as soon as possible.

What’s on offer?

Chilled, frozen, and fresh products. Fruit and veg. Dry goods and tins.

  • Loose produce which hasn’t sold.
  • Fresh packaged produce which are past “Best Before” but still in good condition.
  • Long like products which may be up to 3 months past “Best Before”.
  • Products all within their “Use By”.
  • Unsold products form clearance.
  • Products with damaged packaging.
  • Bread pre-packed (e.g. crumpets) or fresh (in store loaf). Bread can be frozen prior to collection at Morrisons.

In what quantities?

An estimate hasn’t been provided and it will be different amounts and products every week.
Once project begins then we should begin to discover what’s involved and in what amounts.
There have been trials in other areas, please expect between 1-4 trolley loads per week.

How often?

It would probably be a weekly pick up but could be more?

Are there any conditions?

Must be benefiting the local community.
There is an in-store application to be completed and agreed.


Organisations should have adequate Fridge/Freezer/Storage.
Can be more than one organisation and collection.
Morrisons would prefer to see the same person/s collecting for security reasons.
There may be emergency clearances from time to time. A contact number should be provided for these situations.
There is an understanding that it may take a few months to get everything running smoothly and ensuring all waste is made use of.