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Coronavirus update from Somerset County Council – 26/04

Posted on 26th April, 2021 in News

All our help and information is now available in a single place on the SCC website https://www.somerset.gov.uk/latest-coronavirus-updates/

This page is refreshed through the day so please check in regularly to keep across developments and news.

Public Health dashboard: Detailed Public Health information dashboards are available on our website www.somerset.gov.uk/coronavirus just scroll down to ‘Covid-19 dashboard’. These are updated daily.

Top stories today:

More than 1 million in South West get second vaccine dose

More than one million people in the South West have now received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The milestone comes as the number of people in the region who have received their first dose tops three million.

In Somerset the number of vaccinations delivered is more than 435,000 and uptake continues to be high. The number of first doses administered stands at almost 318,000 and just over 118,000 second doses.

The National Booking Services has opened to those aged over 45. Bookings at the large vaccination sites in Somerset (Taunton Racecourse and the Bath & West Showground) and at pharmacy sites are available on the National Booking Service in line with each centre’s current supply of vaccine, alongside pre-existing bookings for second doses.

Additional booking slots will become available in line with new vaccine deliveries. Community-led GP sites are also contacting people aged between 45 and 49 directly to come for their vaccinations: https://www.somersetccg.nhs.uk/health/local-services/health-services-during-coronavirus/covid-19-vaccinations-in-somerset/

The second vaccine around 12 weeks later maximises protection against COVID-19 infection.

The same vaccine should be used for both doses. To ensure this, people should have their second dose at the same place as their first.

People who received their first dose in a hospital hub or through a GP service will be contacted to receive their second dose.

Those who booked their first appointment through the national booking service will have booked both their first and second appointments at the same time, and can log in at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccine to be reminded of their arrangements.

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National acclaim for Somerset’s health and social care partnership

This week’s Covid Catch up film, hosted by former BBC correspondent Clinton Rogers, focuses on how Somerset County Council is working closely with the local NHS and care providers to ensure people safely return home from hospital as quickly as possible – with ongoing care needs ready, in place and at home.

Pioneering work on intermediate care in Somerset to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and help people get better at home has proven so successful it is being used to help shape national policy

Demand for intermediate care in Somerset has increased by 20% during the pandemic. Despite this, Somerset remains one of the best performers nationally for discharging people home from hospital, where they have a better chance of recovery compared to long stays in hospital.

By March 2021, more than 94% of people over 65 were going home from hospital, significantly exceeding government targets.
You can find out more at: https://somersetnewsroom.com/2021/04/23/somersets-health-and-social-care-partnership-blazing-a-trail-nationally/

Clinton’s catch-up can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/wZNuNAVBWJM

Coronavirus tests available to all

Everyone in Somerset is encouraged to access free, regular, rapid coronavirus testing. As restrictions ease and we start to enjoy the new freedoms, it’s vital that we keep the virus at bay.

People are encouraged to take regular tests (twice a week) to help prevent outbreaks and continue on the path to a more normal way of life.

One in three people with COVID-19 do not experience any symptoms and may be spreading the virus unwittingly. Rapid testing detects cases quickly, meaning positive cases can isolate immediately.

The expanded regular testing offer for people without symptoms is delivered through:

  • test sites across Somerset between set times. To find your nearest Somerset test collection site, please click https://somerset.maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/ and enter your postcode.
  • workplace testing programmes, on-site or at home
  • testing on-site at schools and colleges
  • a home ordering service, which allows people to order lateral flow tests online to be delivered to their home

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Please remember hands, face, space, fresh air

Now that we are on the second step on the roadmap out of lockdown it is crucial that we continue to stick to the rules. It’s a time to enjoy the sunny weather and meet up with friends and family outside as long as there are no more than six people, or two households.

Please do not mix indoors with anyone who is not in your household or support bubble. Transmission risk is highest indoors or in a closed space such as a car. If there is no alternative way of travelling, the advice is to keep the car windows open, wear a face covering, touch as few surfaces as possible and use hand sanitiser.

The virus is still here and so we must continue to follow the government guidance and remember: hands, face, space and fresh air.

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