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Call for sites

Posted on 21st May, 2024 in News

Call for sites

“Call for sites” launched for nature-based solutions to unlock development

We’re calling on landowners to help unlock the delivery of new homes across the area, by promoting their land for important nature-based solutions to development requirements.

As of today (Monday 20 May 2024), we’re launching a “call for sites”, which is seeking submissions of land being promoted for the potential delivery of Phosphate Mitigation Schemes and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) to support the delivery of new development.

The “call for sites” aims to gauge the level of interest from landowners, land promoters and land managers, and invite them to put forward sites to be assessed through a transparent process and criteria.

The “call for sites” runs for 8 weeks from 20 May 2024 until 15 July 2024.

Many developments are legally required to demonstrate ‘nutrient neutrality’ and BNG. In both cases, an important option to achieve these requirements is through the purchase of ‘off-site’ nutrient (phosphate) credits (P-Credits) or biodiversity units as necessary. These off-site solutions need to be legally secured and we’ll play an important role in this.

To find out more, visit our Somerset Solutions Report and Biodiversity Net Gain webpages.

Launching the “call for sites” responds to commitments we’ve made in our Interim Delivery Strategy for the Local Nutrient Mitigation Fund (LNMF) and BNG Guidance Note to identify, assess, prioritise and enable suitable off-site solutions in Somerset.

We’ll assess sites submitted against transparent criteria to enable the right solutions for the right places. Prioritised sites will enter negotiations to legally secure the land and owners can then sell the phosphate credits and biodiversity units generated to developers for use in meeting mitigation requirements.

Phosphate mitigation schemes may also be eligible for capital funding via the Local Nutrient Mitigation Fund (LNMF). Where appropriate, we’ll consider using LNMF funding to bulk-buy generated P-Credits. Note, this funding is not available for BNG schemes.

To find out more, submit a site and access submission guidance, click on the button below. Please review the guidance before submitting your site.

Submit a site and find out more

Your chance to hear more and ask questions

We’re hosting an online briefing session via Microsoft Teams from 1pm to 2pm this coming Friday, 24 May 2024. We hope you can come along to learn more about the “call for sites” process and what we’re looking for, and ask any questions. For details about the briefing and how to join, click the button above.