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Levels and Moors LCN on 11/06/2024

Posted on 8th July, 2024 in News

Many thanks to those who attended the Levels and Moors LCN on 11/06/2024 and thank you Compton Dundon Village Hall for hosting us.

We would like to congratulate Sean Dromgoole on being elected as Chair, and Tim Kerly on being elected as Vice Chair for your LCN.

Please see the notes from your meeting attached.  They are also published online here – Agenda for Local Community Network – Levels and Moors on Tuesday, 11th June, 2024, 7.00 pm – Modern Council

In this meeting we discussed the yearly report for your LCN.  The final report is attached to this email. It provides an insight into what this LCN has achieved over the last year and sets us up for the year ahead.

During the meeting we discussed priorities for the LCN and identified other areas and themes the LCN would like to explore.

We have created a table of actions in the meeting notes and will use this on an ongoing basis to help us all keep a track and as a reminder of actions to be completed.

Action Table
Date asked Information Responsibility
11th June How many Parishes are not engaging in the LCN? Can we look at the list for the all the staff invited, contact them and asking them to engage LCN Link Worker Sean and Tim
11th June Active travel working group to connect with other LCN groups from across somerset. Active Travel working groups.
11th June Chair and Vice-chair to attend local parishes, meeting the parishes getting them more involved. Sean Dromgoole & Tim Kerly
11th June Share the report with the LCN Members and stakeholders to celebrate the achievements. LCN Team
11th June Organise a LCN Meeting focused on flooding with relevant stakeholders and experts Kate and Sean
11th June Attend the Biweekly clerks meeting with planning colleagues and get updates on planning enforcement, local plan, and call for sites Parish Clerks

We will be sending out more information regarding your working group meeting dates shortly and we encourage you all to participate in these and identify other key stakeholders to bring along.

The recruitment of the LCN link officers is nearing completion and we hope to be able to confirm who your dedicated Link Officer will be towards the end of July. Thank you for bearing with us while we bring the full team on board.

Finally, if you have a building where you could host the next LCN, please send suggestions on venues to Levelsandmoorslcn@somerset.gov.uk

Best wishes

Chair – Sean Dromgoole
Vice chair – Tim Kerly

LCN Yearly Report 23_24 Levels and Moors LCN pdf_MAY 24_FINAL