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Music on the Levels – First Concert of the Year: 29th January 2023

Posted on 16th January, 2023 in News

Music on the Levels – First Concert of the Year: 29th January 2023

Our first free concert of the year is on Sunday 29 January 2023 at 3.00 pm in St Mary’s Church, Main Road, Westonzoyland, TA7 0EP with the Sunset Café Stompers.

Starting the New Year with a swing

Sunset Café Stompers is a six piece band playing music from the New Orleans dance halls of a century ago, and from the early great jazz band leaders including Jelly Roll Morton and Duke Ellington. Set up more than 30 years ago, the band was recently described as ‘one of the best bands of its kind in the land’ by the national magazine Just Jazz.

‘Sunset Café was at top night-spot on Chicago’s infamous South Side’, says band leader Mike Denham, ‘Al Capone owned it, Louis Armstrong starred there!

‘We play the music of that period… great tunes from Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller… but the band’s wide repertoire also features songs made famous by artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, Marilyn Monroe, the Inkspots, Fats Domino… even Elvis.’

Beneath it all, one can sense the elusive, enthralling pulse that defines the sound of New Orleans, with authentic realisations by resident arranger, Pete Middleton who is also their trombonist.

Sunset Café Stompers features seasoned musicians steeped in the world of traditional jazz with one member, Trevor Whiting, coming from the legendary Chris Barber Band.

The full line-up is: Mike Denham on piano, Steve Graham playing the trumpet and cornet, Pete Middleton is the band’s arranger and he also plays the trombone, Trevor Whiting is on clarinet and saxes, Keith Hall banjo and guitar, and finally, John Coad on the drums.

Arrangements for the concert in Westonzoyland

There are currently no statutory requirements with regard to Covid and we are being a little more relaxed about numbers but Music on the Levels is retaining the informal booking system to help provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone and give an indication of how many cakes to bake!

Refreshments (tea, coffee, choice of cakes) are available at a modest charge from 2.15 pm until the start of the concert.

In order to help with the artists’ and other costs a raffle is held. In addition donations are encouraged. It costs over £350 to put on a concert.

Those wishing to go to the Sunset Café Stompers concert are asked to contact Frank Challenger on 01278 699071 or email f.challenger@icloud.com.

However, if you have not booked by the time of the concert, there will almost certainly be room for you!

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